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dry hire & currency packages

We recognise the impact Covid - 19 has had on the Aviation industry and pilots ranging from graduates fresh out of training to experienced flight crew. As a result - we are offering our 737NG Simulator to pilots at generous rates in order to keep vital MCC skills current and maintain flying skills.


Our simulator is a Non-Certified Fixed Base Flight Simulator, using a highly accurate flight model and high quality hardware. We regularly have qualified pilots dry hire our simulator for a cost effective way to practice procedures, approaches, briefing skills and to generally keep the mind engaged.


We believe the following offers and packages are best suited to newly qualified, non -type rated pilots requiring the use of a simulator to keep current until the industry picks up again. All of our currency packages are provided without an instructor - allowing you to bring a similarly qualified pilot or make contact with one of our 'Frequent Flyers Club' members - which also enables you to split the cost down the middle.


It is best to get in touch for an informal, no obligation chat about the following options to see if we can come up with something that suits your specific requirements - contact or call +44 7729 335 806.


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4 Hrs B737 - £250

Here to support newly qualified pilots.

We recognise the challenges in maintaining currency.  Were offering generous dry hire rates to help mitigate the impact on graduates fresh out of training whilst Covid-19 continues to affect the aviation industry.

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