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To book an experience with us please purchase below - you will then receive a voucher code via email.

Please note our minimum age is 12 years 

Please ring us on 01483 378009 or contact to book your slot or if you have any queries.

We endeavour to get you your first choice date - the majority of our customers get their preferred slot!

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About our experiences

Experience life as an airline pilot, immersing yourself in the realism and excitement at the controls of our fixed base Boeing 737 Simulator.


No experience is necessary, as our fully qualified instructors will expertly guide you throughout the flight.

We operate our simulator using real world flight routes and airports – incorporating a set of Standard Operating Procedures in line with modern airlines, in order to provide the most realistic experience possible. On our longer sessions (60 Minutes and over) this can include a full length flight route, including programming of the Flight Management Computer and working as a multi crew with the instructor to get to your destination safely.

We are adaptable in what we can offer – whether you would like to fly a full length flight to another airport, practice taking off and landing, or simply just go for a short sightseeing flight, just let us know and we will do our best to meet your request.

Our only guarantee is that whichever experience you choose – we will have you landing on the runway, walking away with the satisfaction of having guided nearly 80 tons of aircraft safely back down to earth.

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"Fantastic experience, it was a surprise for my brother’s birthday and he loved every minute! Alan’s knowledge and expertise was brilliant and he instructed my brother as a co-pilot, which added to the whole experience...."

"After successfully getting a job with an airline on the 737 I needed somewhere where I could get at the controls of a 737, after being recommended but another commercial pilot to try TrueFlight for my preparation I wasted no time..."

"Amazing experience, the simulator was so realistic! It was really good fun and a great ..."

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