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TrueFlight Simulation Ltd

Data Privacy Policy

The EU GDPR regulations require us to look after the personal data that you provide to us, we are obliged to explain how we use that data and protect it, as well as informing you of your rights.

Where does it come from and what do we collect?

Our website contact forms request details including name, e-mail address and telephone number for the purposes of providing you with a sold product or service, you implicitly consent for us to process this data by purchasing.
We may also collect your email address if you explicitly agree to marketing programs.

Our website uses Google Analytics and cookies, these store data regarding visitors to our website, your IP address may be stored by Google but not us. We may also collect data related to successful conversions of users finding us through paid media such as Google AdWords.

We need your details and address for invoicing, we never store bank details. Payments are handled by 3rd party processors who handle your data in strict accordance with GDPR rules.


Cookies are files stored on your computer, they record your preferences and website pages visited, they are useful to both you and us and enhance your visit, but not everyone likes them. You can disable cookies in the settings section of most browsers; however, it is likely that your experience will be diminished, and our website will not function as intended. Some 3rd party embedded modules or apps and links such as YouTube may also utilise cookies as part of their service, these are not controlled by us and you should check their cookie policy.   

How and where do we keep your personal information

Data provided to us by you via our website contact forms is stored on our CRM database system at, and our email provider Microsoft. Access is limited to only those in our company that need information to progress your booking or purchase. The data set is the minimum required, and protected by password and username combinations, access devices have fingerprint or two factor authentications. The data set is limited to the absolute minimum required to provide the services purchased or to progress enquires made.  

Payment information submitted on our website is stored and processed through Wix Payment services or PayPal. At no time do we hold financial details.
Some data may be transferred to our internal diary and booking system so that we can plan your visit and update you regarding changes or timings.

Why do we keep your data how is it used

Essentially, we need your basic contact details to provide the purchased services and ensure timely communications in the delivery.

If you allow us, we would like from time to time market offers to you as a valued customer, but only where you have explicitly agreed and when  we have provided the facility to opt out.

Google, via analytics, provide us with data on the performance of our website and how users are accessing it, numbers visiting, dwell time, pages access and so on.

We will use your information to plan your visit with us, and to provide general sales information.

So who is looking at your information

Only the staff involved in delivering your services have access to your data, it is not shared or sold to any other party.

In your browse to our website Google analytics may record certain data, they are subject to the GDPR regulations directly and should you have any concerns you can access their Data protection policy by contacting them.

Your information and rights to request copies or delete information that we hold

GDPR allows you to request copies of data retained that is related to you. You may also request deletion of data which we will happily undertake, we would normally process GDPR data access requests at no charge within 30 days.

Please contact with your request

or write to us at the:  Grannary Unit1, Water Lane Farm, Water Lane,Guildford GU5 9BD

How long do we keep your information

We keep your information for up to 4 years after which we may delete reduce or anonymise for statistical purposes.

If you remain in contact with us via a marketing program and have not opted out we shall continue to keep your information, we may from time to time review and perhaps reduce it for practical and validity purposes.

We aim to balance out the validity of holding your data to assist future sales or follow up enquiries against any perceived risk to you in doing so. We may therefore reduce data for example removing telephone numbers, as time goes by. For accounting and legal purposes, we may have to retain raw sales data for up to 7 years.


Once you leave our website we are not able to control what happens on a site external to us, this would include any links provided for your convenience or information, you should use your discretion and be aware that all websites are subject to EU GDPR regulations.

We do not pass your information to 3rd parties.

Policy updates & Changes

We may occasionally update our Privacy policy, the changes become effective immediately once published on this website.

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