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Ideal for those further destinations, and using the extra flight time to really get to grips with the simulator.


This session length gives you plenty of time to fly a full length route from one destination to another of your choice. We have a huge selection of airports all across the world to choose from, including the worlds most iconic scenic approaches. We can choose to depart into the sunset, use live real world weather, or set some harsher weather conditions for a more challenging flight – the choice is all yours.


Alternatively, this session can be used to practice approaches and landings into different airports of your choice. After taking off and flying a short route, we can then reposition for airports of your choice. How about taking on the challenge of landing at Innsbruck surrounded by mountains on either side, before moving on to dealing with the difficult winds on an approach into Madeira?

Boeing 737 - 90 Minute Flight

SKU: 9037
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